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Computer Application Engineer (31002)

at Montana Historical Society

Posted: 10/31/2018
Job Reference #: 18142561

Job Description


To be considered for any DPHHS Agency position, applicants must complete and submit their application online, as well as upload any required application materials.  Successful applicant(s) are required to successfully pass all DPHHS specific background check(s) relevant to each position. 
First review of applications will be Tuesday, November 13, 2018.
Materials Required of Applicants:
(To be considered in this pool, please submit the following)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Professional References:
    • Please provide 3 professional references, work relation, and contact number.
(Please note that if selected for an interview, applicants may be required to take a coding and/or aptitude test).
(Please type responses in a Word document and attach to application. HELPFUL HINT: When attaching a document, you much check the “relevant document” box to ensure your attachments are uploading correctly to the specific application. Please do not attach more than requested. If you have more than 25 attachments in the system you will need to email these to: Failure to attach the required material will conclude in an incomplete application. You must also keep those relevant boxes checked once you submit your application; if you uncheck the box with an active application it will delete the attachment.)
Job Overview:   This is a Application Engineering position that performs all activities involved in a Software Development Life Cycle.  The position's primary purpose is in support of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) system used by the Montana State Hospital and the Montana Chemical Dependency Center.  The platform is TIER  (Totally Integrated Electronic Record).  TIER is a proprietary platform developed by NetSmart and has an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can be used to create custom functionality using a limited set of Visual Pascal functionality.  The TIER platform automatically creates SQL tables and supporting functions so that a developer can rapidly implement functionality.  While not limited to EHR, TIER is only used for that specific business domain. The position has on-call duties to respond to emergencies at either State facility.  This position may lead a team of programmers making incremental assignments and monitoring outputs.
Major Duties or Responsibilities:
Analysis and Design
  • Analyzes the feasibility and cost of new systems / large projects to allow for informed management decisions on whether or not to proceed.
  • Leads the requirements analysis process (conducts meetings, writes draft requirements) with the operational staff to determine the components and complexity of the proposed development project / system.
  • Writes design documentation to guide the development of the proposed system.
  • Performs Quality Analysis and Quality Control on all efforts either externally contracted or internally developed
  • Develops a conceptual or logical model of the database to support the system / project under development using data modeling software.
  • Creates an application model to satisfy the requirements of the proposed system using application modeling software.
  • Strategically align TIER functionality as an enterprise resource to meet the needs of State facilities.
  • Integrate TIER with other enterprise applications / services.
Programming, Testing and Implementation
  • Develops program specifications to guide the task of writing software.
  •    Writes and compiles computer programs to implement the specifications.
  •    Tests the code in increasingly complex environments, starting with unit testing, proceeding through integration and system testing to ensure that the code performs as expected.
  •    Implements the software in the production environment by coordinating activities of the Technical services section, network bureau and the application end-users.
  •    Synchronizes data between versions of TIER and third-party applications.
  •    Writes system and user documentation.
  •    Conducts training for users on the software system.
  •    Performs basic database administration tasks for a SQL server database.
  •    Ensures the EHR is performing in an efficient and stable fashion.
Supervision / Project Management
  • Leads information system projects to coordinate activities of the project team.
  • Schedules and assigns the work of a team of up to 4 Programmer/Analysts to see that activities are undertaken in the correct order and by the persons most suitable to each task.
  • Evaluates work done by other Programmer/Analysts on the team to ensure work is done correctly and in accordance with Bureau standards and project requirements.
  • Writes project plans to guide the development process throughout the project.
  • Manages the project tasks to meet / deliver the components in a timely manner using project management software tools.
Other Duties
  •    Identify and correct programming mistakes that are causing errors in the software application.
  •    Correct data errors that cannot be corrected through the software application.
  •    Provides technical assistance to staff, users and management, in areas such as specific application functionality, database capabilities or application development techniques.
  •    Attends training sessions to increase your own software or project management skills.
  •    Trains Programmer/Analysts on features of the database or development tools to raise the performance level of the team and Bureau.
  •    May create and maintain configuration and interoperability with third party products working with contractors and vendors.
  •    The ability to manage multiple applications using a central technology while maximizing and de-conflicting common functionality between them.
  •    Performs administrative duties as assigned.
  •    Facilitate the submission of reporting requirements to external entities such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Physical and Environmental Demands:   Typical office environment.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Required for the first day of work:
  • Knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of information systems development:  analysis, design, construction, testing, training, implementation and documentation.
  • Familiarity with Windows and Web based applications.
  • Understanding of project management methodologies for software development.
  • Ability to solve information system problems and provide guidance, instruction and mentoring to other programmers.
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions and effectively communicate complex, technical concepts both verbally and in writing.


Required Minimum and Education Experience:
  • College Degree (Bachelor's) in Computer Science or related degree
  • 2 years of job-related work experience in computer project management, computer programming, or systems analysis.
  • Other combinations of related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Preferred experience building Crystal Reports.
  • Preferred experience developing in TIER – Total Integrated Electronic Record.


If another department vacancy occurs in this job title within six months, the same applicant pool may be used for the selection.